Ridesharing Overview

Ridesharing, also known as carpooling, connects drivers and would-be riders so they can share all or part of their commute, cutting transportation costs for the participants while reducing traffic congestion and pollution.

This is a cost-effective transportation option for all parties. The driver’s expenses are shared and the rider avoids the cost of car use or ownership. Ridesharing is most commonly used for work commutes, where drivers and riders have the same daily destination.

Effort Required
Low to high effort is required. Ridesharing requires an individual or organization to set up, promote and manage the program. This can be done informally at a workplace or have a broader scope, such as when a state or local agency designs and promotes an online rideshare matching program.

Ridesharing distributes the cost of automobile usage across multiple users. By decreasing the number of cars on the road, it helps improve air quality. Ridesharing also has the potential to build community.

Ridesharing has to be as reliable as using one’s own car. The program needs to provide for transportation alternatives when the primary driver is sick or on vacation and for emergency rides during the day.

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