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  • General

    Q.  1. How do you get started?

    Find the network you belong. It is either a university or a corporation and register for your account. Next, you need to make your profile which you should not skip so that everything will go well and accordingly. Aside from that, you can post a particular ride with it, and lastly you can browse matches while you contact with interested individuals to do ride sharing with you.

    Q.  2.When your corporation or university does not belong to the network list, can you bring Ridees to it?

    You can bring Ridees to your corporation or university via contacting us so that we can get important information about your company.
  • Passengers

    Q.  3. How do you find a ride ?

    Go to the Find Ride Page. From there, you would be given a list of the rides available. You can search easily by selecting the company, your current location and your destination. You can even select the price range or rearrange the rides available by schedule. All your needed information about the ride including the time, the number of seats left, the car model and the price for the ride would be supplied to you. Then, you can just select from the options provided to you. The payment process is also very easy.
  • Drivers

    Q.  4. How to offer a ride ?

    Go to the Offer A Ride page in which you would be required to sign in to your account and if in case you are a new customer, then you would be asked to register. There, you need to provide information about you as well as the necessary information about the ride that you are offering. You would also be able to decide the price for your ride