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About Us

About Us

Ridees is a company who aims to make transportation easier for employees and for companies as well. We are here to allow them to connect with their co-workers who can share their ride with them. With Corporate Ride Sharing, it is even possible for the superiors or team leaders of a company to travel with their staffs or the members of their team and that makes it even more convenient for all.

We are also here to let them have a wide range of car options to choose from, ensuring that they would be able to have a ride from the car of their choice, a car that fits their preference and taste at the same time. Through our website, one would also be able to Find a ride/ Offer a ride to and from the companies who have decided to work with us. This makes hitching and offering a ride easier for their employees.

We are a company who has been trusted by the community in Saudi Arabia when it comes to Ride Sharing in Jeddah. Thus, one can expect that we are a company who is very much dedicated in helping people offer or find a ride through the use of our system. We also aim to grow the number of our users, as we strive hard to give them the best platform for Ride Sharing.

We know how difficult it is to find a ride and how expensive car maintenance is. That is why we are here to ease their minds from the burden and worries regarding such things. We consider ourselves as a company who can transform the way people Find a ride/ Offer a ride. We also want to bring positive change on how employees can transport to and from the company. Moreover, we also aim for them to have a friendly ride with their co-workers.