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Privacy And Policy

Privacy And Policy

All of the information about our clients and customers will be taken privately and seriously at all times. Our privacy and policy is specifically designed to let you know about our practices on data collection, use and disclosure of the data that you can give through our website which is and other partnered sites. 

Ways on collecting your personal information. We can be able to gather and process the following information about you.

·       When you register in our site, you need to key in or sign in your name, date of birth, address, and about your vehicle (if you are a driver).

·       Your email address and password, a phone number, a record of any kind of correspondence, a record of bookings that you will do via our site, your replies to our surveys or questionnaires for our research purposes, information on financial transaction, or accounting which includes credit card, bank account, or debit account details, data on your visits on our website, and the information that we might require from you when you would report any kinds of problem that you would encounter in the site.

We collect personal information when you want to provide it to us. When you do not want our service, you do not need to do it. However, you will not have the opportunity to take advantage of our amazing and extraordinary amenity.

We might utilize your personal information in order to:

·       Ensure that we can present the website in the most efficient and effective manner which can reach all your specifications.

·       Assist us in doing innovations and improvements. Give you the chance to participate in the site’s features and other amenities.

·       Contact and notify you about the changes in our website. To guide us on collecting payment from you, and to provide you with a very comfortable and convenient experience.

·       Analyze how you utilize our site and it can be employed for internal research and marketing purposes. With all of the uses that we will do with your personal information, we can ensure you that your data with us will be kept privately and seriously. And, revealing it to unauthorized and unconcerned individuals does not belong to our vocabulary. So, you do not have to be afraid on providing the details about you to us because we are a true confidant in this business.