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Trust, Safety & Insurance

Trust Safety and Insurance


We value the trust of the community towards the platform that we are offering to them. We also do not want to disappoint them and so, we ensure that all those individuals who are offering a ride in our website are all reliable. We would also check each of their profiles. We assure all of our users that there would never be a time when they would have a bad experience when they hitch a ride through us. This is also because we wanted to be able to be of help for you for a very long time and we also would not want to ruin our reputation and the way you look at our company.


We know that all of us are after our safety and just because we wanted to save some money, it doesn’t mean that we should put our safety at risk. Thus, you can ensure that with the Corporate Ride Sharing that is being offered by our site, your safety is ensured. You would be able to go to your destination without much problem and your co-worker would also drive you safely on the road. With this, you would also be provided with peace of mind, knowing that nothing could go wrong as you travel to or from the office.


If in case the car that you are riding to or from your office has experienced a breakdown, there is still nothing much for you to worry about. This is because you can expect that roadside assistance would be provided to you and if in case a repair could not be done immediately, then we would still ensure that you would reach your destination on time. Moreover, the insurance policies of the car also cover the passengers or those who have gotten a ride. This means that even personal accidents is covered by the insurance.

Considering all those things being said, there is no doubt that Ridees offers the best Solutions for Commuters in Saudi Arabia.