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Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions                                                                   

These are terms and conditions the company implements to ensure that clients can experience the best service that can offer.

General Conditions for Use

These General Conditions for Use apply to all of Ridees services. Ridees own and operate the website: They are a company that provides ridesharing services allowing employees owning a car share rides with co-employees that commute which makes for additional income.

Use of the Service

In order to use the Services provided through the site, each user must first create their own user Account and agree to provide the personal information as requested by Ridees. The personal information that will be particularly requested includes the User’s first name, age, address, valid phone number and email address. The use of the Site is limited only to those over the age of 18 upon registration to the site.

Acceptance of Conditions

All the conditions stated in this page apply to any use of the site whatsoever. By using the site, it means the user accepts all the terms and conditions in full even when the user does not have a User Account in the site.

There will be no access of the services in the site unless the Terms and Conditions are fully accepted. There is no user entitled to only a part of the Terms and Conditions. All Users must agree to comply on the terms and conditions of the site. Users must accept that their personal data may be used and processed by the site in accordance to the Privacy Policy.

In any case that the user fails to comply in any of the Terms and Conditions of the site, Ridees reserves the right to have the user Account in questions withdrawn. They may also suspend or cease all the services to the particular user without further notice. The agreement for ridesharing provision of Ridees is in between the Drivers and the Passengers.

Ridees are not party to all those arrangements or agreements that happened between the Drivers and Users. These Terms and Conditions are created with the intension to become binding rights and obligations to the Users. Its effect is in accordance to that of the Contracts Act of 1999.

Variations or Changes to the Terms and Conditions, Site and Service

Ridees reserve the right in order to change or modify the Terms and Conditions of the site at any given time. Furthermore, Ridees has the right to change, vary or amend the Services provided by the site. The appearance, feel and functionality of the site can also be altered without notice and liability to the users. Any changes and amendments to the Site, Services and Terms and Conditions take effect as soon as the changes are published in the site.

Upon the time the changes are applied, Users will be deemed to have accepted the altered Terms and Conditions. They are also deemed to have accepted the changes to the Services of the Site following the publication of said changes. As to the bookings made prior the publications of the varied Terms and Conditions, the changes will not apply.